Live Webinar

If you are a retail or hospitality business impacted by the coronavirus and need advice on negotiating with your Landlord – this is a must attend webinar. This webinar will cover all options available to a Tenant when negotiating with a non negotiable Landlord – including the CVA process.

This stellar speaker panel consists of the following industry experts:

  • Anthony Lorenz, Managing Director at The Lorenz Consultancy. Anthony has witnessed 4 previous economic crises within his professional career and believes that coronavirus is the most serious crisis to date. The Lorenz Consultancy is an independent commercial property specialising in corporate recovery within the hospitality, retail and office sector.
  • Alex Sclagman, Founder of This is a co-ordinated industry-wide movement to support and empower every local shopkeeper nationwide, for a more sustainable high street.
  • David Buchler, Chairman of Bulcher Philips. David is a Chartered Accountant and has some 35 years of experience in the field of corporate turnaround

We also invite you to submit questions to be answered at the webinar.