Back To The Office

From the onset of Covid-19, The Lorenz Consultancy has adapted its role from traditional activities such as Rent Reviews to be a corporate recovery specialist, giving expert advice to Landlords and Tenants aiming to bring about the best situation for all. In addition to this, our founder Anthony Lorenz has also been providing predictions on the future for offices following the transition to home working by millions of workers. His views have been featured in a range of publications and in the media such as The Telegraph, The Guardian, BBC News, and radio.

Our Survey

This year, returning to the office following our summer holidays is very different as many of us are returning to offices for the first time since we vacated them back in March at the start of lockdown.

To better understand how Covid has impacted our office working routines, TLC conducted an online survey, the results of which are below. We hope you find our results interesting.

These results are from 100 London based office occupiers.