Guest Speaker Touker Suleyman joins us for our Webinar in Conjunction with Bisnow


With Coronavirus remaining a threat, the lockdown still in place, the economy shrinking fast and the June rent quarter-day on the horizon, this webinar examined how Occupiers and Landlords can deal with this ongoing situation.

This webinar held in conjunction with Bisnow featured Touker Suleyman from Dragon’s Den, Alex Oswald, Managing Director of Caesars Entertainment EMEA, and our own Managing Director – Anthony Lorenz.

The webinar covered:

  1. What happened when the Q1 rent was due in March, and what are expectations in relation to the Q2 rent due in June.
  2. How can businesses achieve concessions, including rent free periods, rent reduction, and other benefits, through effective negotiations?
  3. The negotiation playbook: What is the business case required, and what are the strategies that Occupiers can leverage?
  4. What inducements can Occupiers provide to Landlords for financial assistance?

Looking at all sectors of Occupiers, and cover Landlords perspective as well, with a particular focus on the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors.

Click here to watch the webinar on demand.