Register Here for our Live Webinar ‘Tenants’ options to deal with non-negotiable Landlords’

We will be hosting a live webinar with a selected panel, including The Lorenz Consultancy – Anthony Lorenz,  Buchler Philips – David Buchler, and Save The High Street – Alex Schlagman, to debate all options available to Tenants, focusing on commercial property liability, past, present and future.  We will also be joined by renowned journalist Susie Bearne to compere.

Since lockdown in March 2020, the damage already exists, where markets in most sectors are under pressure, and, with the UK facing a second wave, a collapse of the Commercial Property Market is envisaged.

Tenants who do not enjoy Break Clauses or Lease Expiry, will be paying Pre-Coronavirus Rents, unless they Restructure Leases, let alone facing demands for Rent which they haven’t paid whilst being protected by the Government Moratorium since March 2020.

We will cover Premises in all user sectors, with particular focus on Hospitality, Retail and Offices.

  1. Coronavirus negotiation update thus far, following the purpose of the Government Moratorium preventing enforcement proceedings for non-payment of Rent, and in particular the financial challenges when the Moratorium is lifted and Landlords demand back Rent.
  2. How to find mutual ground negotiating concessions to navigate through the crisis, and how Landlords, Bankers, and Tenants, should ‘share the pain’ to catalyse survival of their tripartite relationship.
  3. Options available to Tenants where negotiations are at an impasse.
  4. The CVA process; explaining in simple terms; qualification, the pros and cons, negotiating terms with Landlords using the CVA as a backdrop to settlement.
  5. Results to date and expectations going forward.
  6. The impact of closure, social distancing and other restrictions, affecting the Hospitality, Retail and Office sectors.
  7. Our views on rental values in March / June 2021, based on the assumption of being able to get back to the ‘New Normal’.

The free webinar will take place at 2:30pm on 11 November 2020 and we hope you can join us in what we hope will be an illuminating discussion.

Please click below to register for the event, and perhaps even, propose questions for us to address.

If unable to attend, please register your interest with us here, and we will send you a recording shortly thereafter, together with a summary of what we all gain from an interactive discussion.