General Projects approached us to ascertain as to whether we could buy-out a myriad of Tenants, who occupied some 123,000 sq ft of office space, on the basement, ground and seven upper floors.
The Leases were all over the place, and Vacant Possession was wanted to kickstart a development, by December 2020.
As ever, we anticipated giving substantial premiums to Tenants to vacate early, and managed, through juggling all the Tenants, to get almost enough money from one Tenant, who wanted to surrender, to pay the others, who were enticed to do so.A win-win situation – Tenants relocated early, escaping dilapidations liabilities, and receiving some financial gratitude, to see them on their way, to new premises, and the Landlords got the building back on time, to kickstart their amazing development, which is now in progress.