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In a changing market and against a backdrop of political and economic uncertainty. Securing expert advice on a Rent Review has never been more important. The need to get every details right is paramount towards building a case culminating in a better deal at the right rent and other reasonable terms.

Central London Experts

We understand the cyclical nature of property, the influence of politics and the economy on value. We are permanently dealing with at least 50 cases in the Central London market at any one time.

A Proven Track Record

We handle this work 24/7 and our results speak for themselves. So do the testimonials which our friends and clients have kindly provided.

Tenacity is in our DNA

Whether you are a first time Client or a long term acquaintance our DNA is to get the best deal.

Rent Review Specialists

Niche specialists like us are perceptive and nimble, offering specialist knowledge and expertise, additionally we don’t just think outside of the box, for us 'there is now box'.

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The toughest market ever for Rent Reviews and Lease Renewals


Our group and associated family have worked with Anthony Lorenz for over 4 decades and we would never dream of working with anybody else. Anthony always delivers success but most importantly he cements good, long term relationships between Landlord and Tenant. His track record is unequalled.

Simon Lyons
Enstar Capital

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We understand how much your business means to you — please get in touch with us to see how we can help you.

Anthony Lorenz

Managing Director

Richard Russell

Head of Lease Advisory

Frank Perri


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